When men love men!!!!

vikas chandra

Who stole the knocks, at his door?
Outrage of his, passion’s flare!
Who rioted, his restless core?
His soul, laden with despair!

What man is to man, beyond a friend?
Which dimension, desire’s final nest?
What civilizations, forbid and pretend?
How hopeless is, that man’s protest?

Who loves man, for a purpose profound?
Who bathes in fire, hurled at his being?
Consoles his soul, with a manhood frowned!
A bond, he meekly flaunts, to mankind disagreeing

Is distorted his choice? Society’s cocksure!
Have you heard that voice, from his soul?
“It ain’t disease, so why we cure!”
Why they bear, downcast machismo’s toll?

Are their kins any fair, to their “sinful” affair?
“This can’t just be true, O Lord! Why this befell you?
Your perversion’s burden, why shall we bear?”
How estranged and broken, a brother, a son, a truth laid bare!

Whose creed they got, Oh! Why they forgot?

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