Your Smile, A Beautiful Lie!

You better off, not mine
I well off, not your buy
O Lord! Why cut them so fine
Two lips that sin, by and by
Your smile, a beautiful lie!

Estranged the world, to its creed
Such a sweet deceit, is thy
On promised patch, an evil seed
On solemn soul, a soothing sigh
Your smile, a beautiful lie!

Every face your mirror, cynosure you are
A cutie pie!  Or deaf magpie!
Who sells her songs, in empty bazaar!
Unspent your bliss, half-blushed, twice shy
Your smile, a beautiful lie!

And the question returns, to the same impasse
Ain’t it sublime artifice, in my mind’s eye?
A smiling lass, or a growing myth! Alas!
Eats my soul, your brutal bonsai
Your smile, a beautiful lie!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


  • Who is this girl? Where did you find her? Such a delightful poem, especially the recurring line ‘Your smile, such a beautiful lie!’ I loved it.

        • Oh ! You are welcome. Thanks for the adulation. You are just too kind. Besides the same time zone, we both share good tastes too. I believe it’s your upbringing plus the sublime splendor of Mauritius. You have very far to go. God bless you. Take Care.

          • Aww yes, I have also noticed that we both share some kind of similitude somewhere. Our thoughts run parallel in the appreciation of the good things in life, thereby stems our mutual admiration for each other’s mind. Mauritius is paradise on Earth, you should visit one day! And thank you so much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. Much love, blessings and peace to your gentle soul X

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