My Limit Is Me!

Not that man, who savages my soul
Stares through my poise – on the dole
Even barren seems, the breast of sea
Beyond world’s decree, my limit is me!

Not that man, who gave up on my flair
My lacks might be, world’s comic affair
Sans fabled heels, who Achilles would be?
Beyond squandered history, my limit is me!

Not that woman, who deems me, a spent force
My semen smells to her, some unmanly remorse
Unspent her lure, how spent my spree
Beyond earth’s orgy, my limit is me!

Not this trying world, with a misfit in it
Me an unweaved man, in a cabal close-knit
Why born free! To be doom’s debris!
Beyond what you see, my limit is me!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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