If You Forget Me…

Would echoes return, sans yearnings of spells?
When we counted on love, thru riotous knells
Of the storms, that built, our fortress at sea
Won’t you hear me, thru my verdant quilt, if you forget me?

To me, it was, beyond faith, beyond God
In His garden of love, two souls seesawed
Shall shambles resound, lost tale of spree?
On a forlorn mound, if you forget me!

So many years of love, spent, my heart, my soul
My age is nothing, but the years, you stole
Won’t you still make love, to this broken deity?
Whom grave fits like glove, if you forget me!

In mist-bathed breasts, my mermaid’s heart
Shall it skip a beat, shall it tell apart?
The difference lasting means, to a love’s decree
Won’t you tread on my greens, if you forget me?

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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