So what if …….. ?

vikas chandra

So what if your name, won’t shine, they say?
They ain’t your comrades, how can they be?
Let the target be, sweetly, a million miles away
Not written on wall, though on stars, you see
A leap of faith, to get you there, to your name’s glory

So what if your dream, is not to be, they say?
They ain’t oracles, let them, if they be
Well-kept in your firm fist, its posterity lay
You bore, now rear, that hope’s progeny
Not far, so near, and now, it’s there, your destiny

So what if you lost, your love almost, you never know
The soul of love and spell of spring, how long they sing?
It might just grow, within a stone’s throw
New sprout of love, tend it well, for it shall ring
The chimes of lost fury, in your heart’s upswing

So what if you are, a man subpar…

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