O’ America: Where guns call the shots!!!!

vikas chandra

From Texas to California, South Carolina to Oregon
Smoking guns rule the roost, from dusk to dawn
Play games of cold passion, new kids, on the block
Gory lessons of obsessions, scratched on walls, with red chalk

Why guns became the creed, of this American breed
For ages indeed! America destined, to bleed
Thru schools and colleges, bloodbaths galore
These kids ain’t done yet, blood-thirsty, all the more

Is it some trendy video game, or legacy of “Tombstone”?
Why shouldn’t idolize youngsters, this prophecy, homegrown
With 280 million guns, 4.5 million per year! Does Obama care?!
Every Christmas, a bloody Christmas, every New Year, a bloody year!!

This relentless, blood flood, does it define American ethos?
Fewer lost to liberty, more sons to guns! What a lavish loss?
Is it the whiff of gun smoke, which weighs down the blue air?
Or the charcoal smoldering, from someone’s funeral prayer

Is gun-culture some fad…

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