The last sojourn

vikas chandra

Gazed at length, one last time
Ebbing strength, of a spent up rhyme
Then, “You owe me a life today”, quietus said
Quipped, “Ain’t you spent yet, your life hangs by a thread?
My child! It’s time, my mercy stands you in good stead
Your lust endless, my spirit stubborn
This ain’t your end, just your last sojourn”

“Betwixt two ends, how a yearning man tends
Eternal race, heart contends, at the soul’s spends
A lingering reckless chase, for nothing, to nowhere
Among a horde of vain selves, how we compare?
Who’s the better or worse of whom? All alike, we fare
Alas! How true are kins? Heart sighs, as it labors to learn
A heart bereaved, but a soul relieved, on my last sojourn”

Motley fests of life, lone fiesta of fall
At last trial of truth, only soul stands tall
“My child! Be the spirit of a chirpy…

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