My last bloom!

vikas chandra

“That doctor’s cologne, my soul’s food
What I began, will Edward conclude?
His whiff, that love, which lingers in my room”
Poor Jane, knows not, it’s her last bloom!

Canada! Lord’s blessing, in the face of fall
Falling maple leaves, stark blooms, too enthrall
As Jane gapes thru window, each vista to consume
Amidst bliss’s splendid show, her last bloom!

When chemo burns her body, and her golden locks
She cradles in her heart, that love, awaits his knocks
Like a ferry in a tempest, defies destined doom
A lovelorn bird, in her nest, awaits her last bloom!

She asked the nurse, on round, “Is Edward married?”
A woman overawed a girl, with a passion, often parried
“Would love to read, that man, beyond that perfume!”
Nurse’s “No!” made Jane aglow, afore her last bloom!

His smile is the gist of awe, for this nubile lass
The woman in her…

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