Allah’s Tears

It rained inferno, wretched heaven’s, last snow
That scorched the soul, of a land as though
Left, riddled with seeds, of a million fears
Her orphaned heart, bleeds Allah’s tears

Deadly dust shrouds his face, not the soil that bore
A smile short-lived, now a wasteland’s lore
Sank in wailings, Azaan, countless long-lost prayers
More funerals these years, bathed in Allah’s tears

Where vanished, the valley of Euphrates?
Fills the ethos of land, now a blood abyss
Where echoed solace, now bad blood rears
A spent state despairs, yearns for Allah’s tears

“My name, my creed, my lasting seed, is Love!
Not the hate they sell, who slay, my cherished dove
It’s me who bleeds, bemoans, in their, deathly fairs”
As the ‘Day of Judgement’ nears, seethe Allah’s tears

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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