May This Be That Last Valentine’s Day!

Caged in hearts, two halves of truth
Of myriad blushes, raw rites of ruth
Forlorn to see, two souls embrace
A love entombed, in vanity case

Oh! Half is me, when you ain’t there
And half remains, my lovelorn prayer
Why end it all, which never began
To kill a bitten, smitten man

Why partridge, waits for, full-moon night!
And stabs his heart, to the heaven’s delight
To bleed out, one more, dirge to croon
And one more moan, to make death swoon

How much can hold, this heart, ask not?
When Love and pain, do tie the knot
And one become, two rioting realms
Never love decides, who overwhelms

Why cupid haunts hearts, like a pimp
At the ball of lust, impostors limp
And orgies write, love’s lavish tales
‘Valentines’ baptized, all ships sans sails

Thus run the trades, of so called loves
Broke affairs, of broken hungry doves
On souls’ decay, hearts’ cabaret
May This Be That Last Valentine’s Day!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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