The War Within

Sighs in someone, shouts a heart outraged
“Ain’t enough a battle, why a war I raged?”
In the sanctum of soul, lies a spirit dissolved
In the mire of a melee, left a man unsolved

Who built this creed-to-bleed of man?
Sold out to pain, whole manly clan
Why sprouts and soars, this evil seed?
To yield in heart, a sin decreed

By Maker, who took care, to make
A rioting man, in a slumber awake
Where ends a man, same chase begins
Of Holy Grail, of halfhearted sins

Why carved in flesh, a mime banished?
In mortal mutinies, a soul vanished
A fury lost, in a dogged din
And seethes in heart, that war within

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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