My Dream Broke Me

What’s it to be, no more a man
Who ran so fast, he overran
His heart with a chase, past his soul’s debris
In a mad race, to save a face, my dream broke me

Was ‘no one’ but ‘nothing’ like now!
I learned to unlearn, a life’s know how
Why pain I reared, to deify thee?
A fear revered, my dream broke me

Was meant to be, my soul’s solace
Not a blighted heart’s, creeping pus
Why it breathes inside, a dying spree
Stand my truths belied, my dream broke me

Why looks back, and despairs
Now a wreck, beyond repairs
Ain’t he happy, with his own decree?
Caged a man once free, my dream broke me

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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