The Evening…….You Left………!!

It smelt of semen of the sun that rained
Through clouds, or lavish tears that pained
Your scent, the sweetest of all, but lingered
Broken nerve was it, your recalls fingered?

Like echo, of a million wolves, bereaved
You left me, with an estranged heart, unweaved
I sat alone at doorway drenched, just to watch you go
Your tender back, I kissed, in a breastless show

Oh! Will you cry for me, one last time?
And lie again, for the sake of love sublime?
See the gloomy clouds, hear the wailing wind
Won’t you forgive love, and a heart that sinned?

If sin was it, so be it sin, my life!
Will marry you in heavens, Oh! My widowed wife
Like the dead of dusk, slumbers my soul in quiet
Though heart endures, the love you didn’t requite

Stay! Watch them sway, wild lunatic pines
My heart bleeds out a rhyme, which sings not, whines
A man was I, once, no more, now, just a spent hope
See the clouds kiss bye, skyline, down the slippery slope

You faded past, that hillock, down the bamboo bridge
Donning fur of hail, past my lovelorn heart’s ridge
“How profound is creed, sweet pain, of a heart bereft “
Sighs trudging by, into night, the evening, you left!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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