What The Blood Shouts Out!

Lies hinged my head, to a feisty sinew
What’s a man with a head, a martyr without?
Whispers to dust, life a haunting adieu
To the doom’s looming clout, what the blood shouts out!

When metal meets the spine, brazen edge does the talk
One man’s semen sates, on other’s lavish spout
One clan with the blade, one’s head on the block
New-found messiahs, in farms of death sprout, what the blood shouts out!

The reddest of red, henna of that bride
Whose love strewn, passion of the orgy devout
Bathed replete in crimson, man’s flagrant pride
Life a total sellout, what the blood shouts out!

What blood is to man, and pain is to soul?
Amid two worlds, broke a man throughout
Life pays last toll, death on the dole
A long-lost bout, what the blood shouts out!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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