Yeah ! Acquit The Goon!

vikas chandra

Yay! AMERICAN DREAM, means a price to pay
At the hands of white cops, its dreadful boon
Aah! Many an ERIC PARKER, schooled how to play
White racist tune. Yeah! Acquit the goon!

Reward that bastard, who got him plastered
A BROWN INDIAN MAN, alas, not a white-ass, how could he moon
For that’s their right, whose asses are white, festered
By a white skin disease. Wow! LAW IMMUNE. Acquit the goon!

Bah! Who the hell is, SURESHBHAI PATEL?
America was born, a white man’s commune!
Doesn’t match royal ass, HIS FILTHY BROWN TAIL?
Hullabaloo why! He ain’t a tycoon? Acquit the goon!

Wow! His only vital asset, a born white ass, nothing else
ERIC PARKER a white blight, a filthy albino raccoon
It’s the color, not the substance, which outsells
America prides its white blood strewn. Acquit the goon!

JUDGE MADELINE HUGHES HAIKALA! Phew! What a long white name!

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