Sex Undone!

And spent we lay, as spent could be
Joie de vivre, at the funeral of spree
Unspun left a magic, on deathly throes
Unspent yet a poesy, thrives on pain that grows

In turns it returns, that drunken serpent
Which swallows its tail, not worth a red cent
In the cradle of bliss, bare souls crestfallen
Again astray, a dream on the run

What rouses that riot in me and you?
Dissolves man in woman, through and through
Half-truths abound, in this game of love
The art to devour, a lovelorn dove

His body resounds, the long-lost song
Whilst she a lodestone, to play along
Playoffs of allure, die and resurrect
To build a man again, his manhood erect

Eternal to man, sweet whims of deceit
Animal after all, this love of living meat
Caged in chemises, myriad souls outrun
Beyond seething flesh, see sex undone!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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