Why Mothers Cry?

She stood, by her creed
With a heart, on a high
Why a soul, has to bleed?
That sin’s seed, why mothers cry?

Insane is love, and sublime too!
Behind a breast, coos a lone magpie
A song so blessed, by a lasting coup
A love obsessed, why mothers cry?

Why it had to be, her destiny
Be born by sea, a tiding sigh
Be lit up, like a Christmas tree
Smiling away treachery, why mothers cry?

Why motherhood, a binding sin
And womanhood, a passing buy
Why lost again, a lasting win
A hope’s chagrin, why mothers cry?

Oft seen her nesting, on that twig
Which hugs whirlwinds. Braving bonsai!
Suckling dreams, her spirits jig
Love pain redeems, why mothers cry?

To resurrect, a megalith
A woman martyred, for a lie
To deify, longstanding myth
Travesty’s zenith, why mothers cry?

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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