The Riot of Love

Where it leads me, this rising on the rise?
Oh! A man dissolved, in the making of his maze
Who draws first blood, in this mayhem in disguise?
Of love, whose blood, the price it pays!

Oh! Forgotten are the laws of noble passion
When heart’s obsession, is a sickening song
That feeds on soul, for its lasting ration
Why destined two hearts, to lust and long?

Every tide that rocks, the ferry lost in tempest
Oh! A cradle of love, spent in game of deceit
Why a twosome love birds, stir up a hornet’s nest
Whilst making love, to a sweet conceit

I am at least, not what you are
A soul unquenched, with the blood of belief
A love sold out, at a busy bazaar
To the good grief, of a blasphemous thief

A shore dashed by, a million surfs on rampage
So be it, a lovelorn heart, fits my soul, like a glove
How splendid is this wily art, this cold-blooded rage
From pangs of life, how you tell apart, this riot of love

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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