Will Gracy shout……??

vikas chandra

“Grace! Ain’t she a beauty, at four!” said, Uncle John, next door
That angel, who frisked around, on his heart, in a skimpy frock
“Uncle gives you candies, but you the sweetest one!” he swore
“Come! Let me have a bite of you”, his passion ran amok

Would Grace ever know, what ensued, but “dirty”, yes, it was!
Smirked Uncle John, “Well! What happened! O’ my honey baby!
You loved it too! Had me impassioned!” said with wild guffaws
In a frock amiss, she toddled away, a toy of joy! Broken doll, maybe!

Was that virgin soul, sin-laden? Alas, a maimed tale, of mayhem!
How come, forgot hide-and-seek and tic-tac-toe?
Now she hid from men, and curled her toes, by the sight of them
When mama probed,” What’s wrong?” little woman rejoined, “Don’t know!”

Was she a woman-in-making or a girl-in-breaking or both?
Months after months, splintered and scattered, a…

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