When Egos Talk !!!!

What maketh man, so sociable?
Amongst a mob, of urbane men
Is it some virtue, negotiable?
To feed his ego, now and then

He ain’t a man, they say until
He dons that guise, of ego’s choice
That glorified ill, his cherished skill
That devil’s voice, which ages rejoice

What Napoléon had, and Hitler made
A God of an ego, weighed in blood
Why Churchill said, Stalin’s charade
When both baptized, in the same holy mud

Is this the one, that riotous discourse?
Where men dissect, each other’s core
While some content, flogging a dead horse
The rest resurrect, a dying cold war

Leaders make nations, or it’s the other way around
Though ego makes leaders, meanly noble, for sure
For they dare and defy, history’s faith profound
That sits on the shoulders, of her lasting savior

Its creed akin, to that tide, in the sea
That slumbers, until dared, by heaven’s pull
With a kindled soul, shatters gravity
Scales the sky, defiant raging bull

How measures a man, this sinful love
Of his dreadful clone, that talks for him
Though, enshrined in his soul, a bleeding dove
With crimson coos, sings life’s lost hymn

Yet again, Obama sold off, to Putin’s petty plan
Hand-in-hand, two foes, on a phony moonwalk
Back to where it all began, O! That ego-ridden clan
Destined to doom, a lost caravan, when egos talk!!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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