Reading Faces

vikas chandra

Who steals the view, midst the million, few?
Beyond that frown, that fear, that smile
Is the face that stands, in fog and dew!
A lighthouse seen, from a million mile

Whose design is he, born by fate’s decree?
A child who sees today, an outgrown beast
In mirror his face, shows the time’s debris
Startled he says, “Why made I, a man’s feast?”

On the Baptism day, a soul in the fray
A blessed farewell, to a faceless man
Now more than a face, a faith’s essay
Echoes his soul, the spirit of a clan

Thru the poison shops, those murky backdrops
In mayhem, strewn apart, spent staggered souls
Their faces, full-licked, half-bitten lollipops
Furled flags are they, on stooping flagpoles

In those feisty cafes, where smoke dies over ash trays
So many souls squandered, in so many chases
Each weary face, masked in, caffeine’s maze
“Will face truth…

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