Whispers Of The Storm

New birth of doom, or heaven’s calls?
The fury that slept, now kissed the horizon
See the shards of sky, torn by fiery walls
Held bonded, by faith, of its spirit unwon

Said the storm to night,” O! How I blazed in dark!
Lookers forgot you! “What is night?” They said!
“Better shining storm, than this misery stark,
Enough of this dark, be it storm, instead””

“I was meant to be, the night, I am
Not a fickle storm, with fleeting light
But a serene shade, not a blinding sham
Nor a brazen parade” said the night

Said the storm, to sky, “Have scorched your soul,
Many times before, to weigh my sway
Why a passion misspent, on the dole
To lose once more, to your fortitude’s play”?

“Akin to an urchin, you, in my vast expanse
How bland your pranks, no pain, no sigh
You sound like the gist, of unrequited romance
O’ I pity your futile tryst.” said the sky

Said the storm to earth, “Did you hear the roar, it was me!
Who else could shatter, your splendid sleep?
If not me, the Goliath, on an orgiastic spree
How reborn, overnight, that nerve you reap?”

“Yes! Heard and felt, a spent force melt, from above
How hard you tried, to prove your wrath’s worth
Still abloom in my arms, unfazed, labors of love
Lasting spirits, in immortal farms” said the earth

Said the storm to sea,” Were the tides too much, for you to bear?
I saw them, wash your face, with fear
I tossed you up and down, at will
Like a toy, I played you, to my heart’s fill”

“Oh! So was it you, loudmouth, insane lout?
Is victory, a crudely defined, decree?
It’s neither a matter, of conceit nor clout
It’s anything, but self-flattery” replied the sea

The spirit that swaggered, will it now concede?
To the fact of the matter, the truth in its form
How elements, conferred, their enduring creed
You’d know, if you heard, whispers of the storm

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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