What All She Hides !!

Ah! Kitty of the cathouse. No! She ain’t that shy
She frolics with menfolk, and breeds bonsai
On parade, her gluttony, not forbidden tattoos
Those half-cherished, half-ostracized taboos

Baptized by the papal curse, with ferula upside down
Married to dark comedy, Satan’s gracious face in town
She pounced on me, smirked “Care for a tête-à-tête?
I measure you, you fathom me, come closer; don’t fret!”

She led me to her holy attic, above that banished tomb
Which echoed the last rendezvous, in a sin-infested womb
Splintered goblets of passion, a yet unbroken song
Unrequitedly that plays along, to who shall it belong!?

Kitty shoved me on the couch, a kindled soul in awes
That dead man, now so wide awake, as she set to bare her claws
“Hey Kitty! Is your bareness, so white, or is it vitiligo?”
“What you see, is what you get, not what you want though!”

“Your claws are sham, your pits unkempt, you stinky whore”
“What brought you here, is deeper, not just passions galore
That endless chase which fails a man, his pride’s lasting slur
It ain’t me, but you lie to thee, your manhood, death’s metaphor “

As night deepened, the tryst spread out, its tentacles
In clasp of defeat, two souls rejoice, a machismo suckles
Immortal venom, from the breasts, of a sold out dream
Ain’t she the Goddess now, for a man, to rout or redeem?

Did we make love, or it made us up, two riots undissolved?
How many times to spend our souls, to feed a love, unresolved
For it ain’t love, we ain’t lovers. Ain’t you the art of deceit?
Or a half-hearted keep, of those yearnings replete

Unfathomed, left, her lasting lies
Or the only truths, civilization defies
The dimensions of a woman, and the flair, she prides
With nothing more, left to bare, what all she hides!!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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