A Blogger’s Creed – The Wolf of Blog Street

Broken to bits, now lives on the cloud
Little legend he; heard, read, seen and known!
In megabytes of some server, his being avowed
Thru internet, he heaves, his theories outgrown

No more that minion, who tamely, loaned his soul
To the glory of tech-snobs, reigning the World Wide Web
A blogger now, with a face and name, a spirit on a roll
Not millions though, many dozen know, this rising celeb

Bygone those times, when Wordsworth’s “Daffodils”
And Shakespeare’s Hamlet, had to, for ages, but wait
For the world to rejoice, to their hankering hearts’ fills
Now a click away, a virgin view, yet a second, too late

On PC’s screen, what seems to be, his world to him
Is half-made truth and half-said lie, a mutually cherished sin!
Do the “Likes”,“Views”,”Comments” and “Follows”, echo his triumph’s whim?
Or a sham of sorts, some buy and sell trade in!

A “Like” for a “Like” or a “Like” for a “View”, who’ll know!
Who cares to view or follow, in the spree to be, that cynosure?
Who is liked, viewed, followed, commented to death, as though
The rest are mere testimonies, in his accolade’s brochure

Why stares and then despairs he, “Alas! No “Likes” , or “Views” today!”
As if past “Likes”, were “Oscars” and “Views”, “Grammys” bestowed
How many were so honest, how many were just stray?
Get into their minds if you can, the only mode to decode

“Blocking” is his easy tool, to blind his soul, to the other view
Why he chisels out a dwarf from self, to shrink to a shaky man?
A “walled garden” his blog became, where blooms his dogma, thru and thru
But blogosphere is not for him, the one from the prejudiced clan

Does he dare to dare, the fanatics, flaunting bloggers’ blood?
On hands, that cleaved their heads, and said
“Now fear is mightier than pen!” that old adage, a dead dud
Few martyred, but the rest are left, to fight your dread, with blogs instead!

Why he chose to be a propagandist? A royal beggar’s creed!
Fancy-dressed statesmen dwell his blog, vermin begging a look
On his million “Likes”, they rear their ploys, like some vile weed
Once a blogger, see how he became, a money-minded crook!

Will regimes ever understand, cyberspace’s not their domain?
Why curbing minds on some pretext, is simply not their business?
Can they dismay this daring breed, that won’t let truth, die in vain?
They can’t defeat a shouting truth, can’t subdue a million, cyber witness

How a billion beliefs on infoway, merge to make the world a cozy place
Forbearance, its enduring strength, prejudice, its disgraceful defeat
May our present evolve to an enriched posterity, in this cyberspace?
May for good, evolve, the blogger’s creed – The wolf of Blog Street!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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