Why history lies ?

In chase of time, where it all began
Stands deaf and blind, a cynical man
Force-fed on a past, that present denies
Probes a man aghast! Why history lies?

Is Propaganda the path, to final truth?
Or means to bribe, the past uncouth
To narrate a lie, to present’s ‘whys’
Wary man won’t buy! Why history lies?

How many gallons of blood, disappeared?
To save dynasties, brazen rumors reared
Effaced from its pages, many unheard cries
Betrayed man, for ages! Why history lies?

The who’s who club, has its roots, in yesteryears
They buy key pages, from history’s auctioneers
Lost in footnotes, and in oblivion, their sighs
Unpaid-for anecdotes! Why history lies?

White colonies were built, on their history’s grave
Who lost a lasting face, yet, forgot and forgave
How come they agreed, for this slavish compromise?
Left, uprooted nameless breed! Why history lies?

History’s a hollow statesman’s tool
Prejudiced to death, in a collusion cruel
To split the populace, and creeds to baptize
A nation of failed race! Why history lies?

More questions it raises, than the answers, it delivers
Truth doomed to drown, in fallacies’ lingering rivers
Why sold in schools, naked delusions, in “History’s” guise?
To feed generations, biased conclusions! Why history lies?

Is historian he, or a pimp on spree?
Who sells wholesale, antique debris?
To regimes and clans, that hail, truth’s demise
A second hand soul, on sale! Why history lies?

So long as man is content with, beauty of an ugly myth
History will be, nothing more, than a dumb, decaying megalith
Why mankind fears, truths most? For they reflect his lasting vice!
It won’t help, to overlook, man’s enduring cowardice
Will forever trade lies, past to present, that future belies
It’s the chase of truth, which man defies! Hence history lies!!!!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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