Having counted tears, of each passing rain
Which bathed my soul, with that pain again
A prayer, a wish, alone, to make
A soulful sigh, for heaven’s sake

Thru the fissures of time, when I stare behind
Absent my shadow! I ain’t that blind!
Enough of that chase, which ends nowhere
Now redeem that grace, soul’s silent affair!

Every fury quenched, by the penance of soul
Why smolders then, begs a heart, parole?
Thru sublime fire, lies the way to that sea
Solace its name, spent spirit’s final spree

Away from that realm, where mayhems abound
Rests the inner sanctum, that peace profound
That cradles outrage, of a deadbeat heart
Beyond that cage, many miles apart

That chime lost out, in the mob of dins
Is the purest one, above worldly sins
Now heard, loud and clear, Lord’s decree
Solace lastly! The creed of a wrecked heart’s plea!

Every riot so quiet, every tide at rest
As soul rejoices, a blissful tranquil fest
We chance upon it, or it unearths us
That handful of poise, that heartful of solace

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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