That virus “Microsoft” !!!!

An undying pact, some 4 decades old
For the world to grieve, whilst Bill strikes gold
A saga of blatant lies, to hold its coffers aloft
Who the hell doesn’t despise, that virus “Microsoft”!!!!?

That white elephant, which sits at my desk
Sucks up my PC’s means, how mean and grotesque
Will it work flawless any time, God Bless!?
Hey Bill! How many ages more, to perfect Windows OS!?

Dominance we know, is the rule to grow
Bill! You killed many start-ups, with the power of your dough
Be it Novell Netware or Netscape
When bully Microsoft on riot, who could escape?

Your unbaked Windows, runs on patches, from day one
Beta, zeta, eta, theta! Alas! Eternal wait for that pure version
Your OS, a patient, on eternal anti-virus, life-support
How brazen are you Bill, to release, nuisance of that sort?

Your OS, hackers’, fraudsters’, fanatics’, dream come true
A free buffet for bugs, to eat our lives thru
Your servers run on Linux, what a zenith of shame?
Bill! Why not your Windows! Your petty, filthy game?

You keep your prized flocks, of vendors, intact
Microsoft their coerced creed, what a blasphemous pact
“Embrace, extend, extinguish”, is this octopus’s style
Profane means to grab, a ground-breaking idea, fertile

Copyright is your sly tool, to stand out, “legitimate”
Then why $4.3 Billion shelled out, if you not a pirate?
Billy! “Free Software”, as per you, “potentially viral it is”
And your hidden APIs-run OS!? A virus thriving in bliss!!

Ever heard of “Microsoft/Windows Tax”, a bundled deceit?
The soul of your PC, has to be Windows, a collusion complete
OEMs willing henchmen, in Bill’s software crime
Force-fed Windows, hardware, OEM’s beholden mime

DOS, IE, Visio, FrontPage, Hotmail, are they your creations?
Your bogus existence bought out, you live on borrowed rations
Bill, your  taxing “Velvet Sweatshop”, permatemp staff, bonded slaves!
Is Microsoft, round-the-clock ghetto, run on forsaken graves?

Manipulating mean media, buying out those think tanks
Keen hookers, who sell their souls too, with Billy’s wily pranks
Why blacklist columnists, Bill, who bare your shady trade?
Wonder how you built soft empire, on hard pillars of charade?

Hand in glove with NSA, who eavesdrops warrantless
Are we pieces of their chess? Dare they confess!?
Menace of the millennium, Microsoft’s security flaws
With this virus, in every PC, world safety, a lost cause

Born of profound debauchery, it’s unethical creed
A software giant, or a sinful, sophisticated breed
A tight slap on the face of world, a prey to this woe, oft
Evil epic of American dominance, that virus “Microsoft”!!!!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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