…. and they call it love!

Who’s not the one, who didn’t bear?
That chase of life’s, honeyed bitter affair
It had to be, for it had to be
For naïve heart, knows not, love’s decree

To behold someone, in eyes, then heart
Till the hopes despair, and dreams depart
Is love, envy’s creed, or a soul’s sole need
Why a woman made to feed, a man’s fanatic deed?

Who are the ones blessed, who didn’t fall?
Or fluky fellas, who sailed thru it all?
That abyss called love, fathomless, its soul
Perished ones bemoan, chosen ones extol

Why we own and pride, without consent
For a love unsought, why a virgin heart, misspent
What becomes of man, now a soul vagrant?
Like an ash-clad sage, breathing dead love’s chant

Why love’s akin, to an unmissable whore
Unquenched with semen, her passions galore
Myriad shreds of heart, to prey upon
Vain splendor’s price, in bloodbath, drawn

Why guard that flame, that’s bent on dying?
Cajole that pauper, with the art of lying
Who begs for love, with a pity bowl
For a phony smile, why he sells his soul?

She plays with hearts, and passions too
And why not! She, pure make of cupid’s brew
Options abound, to trade in love, willing men
Who skin themselves, every now and then

To play with rules, not the rule for them
Who riot love’s creed, bask in hearts’ mayhem
Who win anyhow, for they own the dice
In the game of love, every virtue is vice

Are they insane or born lovelorn?
In this realm of desire, their love forlorn
Could they never learn, to live a lie?
Why they deified love, to then decry?

Amidst busy bazaars, love buys and sells
That spirit, true love, every deal dispels
Desire! Its cherished allure, counts all above
They believe a sham, and they call it love!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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