The pain of togetherness

Wonder how, now, we see through it all
Whims of love, saccharine smiles! Life’s cherished haul?
Don’t recall, where we left, that self of ours
Which was us, once, not these, souls with scars

Was it love, which made us, make this abode?
Then it bemoans why, our lone dream, shadowed
By a chase that spent, our lives to the core
See, how the tide of time, wrecked our ferry, ashore

How we gazed at moon, holding vows, from the roof
Still the moon does rise, finds those lovebirds aloof
Their forlorn nest, dying lovelorn quest
Echoes of that fiesta, and this solemn fest

Do we still possess, do we still belong?
To that tender spirit, that once, made us long
How had we sobbed, our hearts out, that day
At last, we got each other, but, that love lost, on the way

“Ego” was some species, extinct, in our cozy world
How it calls the shots now, a utopia, rendered blurred
Each whiff of space, which once, smelt of trust
Now clogs the breaths, doubt-laden dust

How we spent that time, and this time spends us
Gone those days, we missed the bus, on purpose
To walk as one, lavishly, on the mystic lanes of love
How short on time, now, these parted lives, we shove

So, shall we sleep, one more night, on that wrinkled bed?
Devour mean flesh, now, or mate souls, unwed
This pain, we share, unfeeling  yet, why, to our plight?
Shan’t we search, the flare, that once, kindled our delight

What it takes, to stitch that love, threadbare, left by time?
Let’s vow our hearts and souls, once,  to that dream, sublime
So many yarns, to fall in place, might miss the same finesse
Better still, soiled angel’s face, than, the pain of togetherness

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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