Beyond that skin

Nothing left to see or fancy, of her
She whirls past the menfolk, “a spent sin”
A new figure, on the roster, they prefer
To again bare, not the glory, beyond that skin

From tip to toe, would they ever know?
Lies a woman, not just, a flashy flesh-bin
The tale of a creed, inked, many moons ago
Prisoner to her allure, barely seen, beyond that skin

That heart, which bears, an ocean sublime
Uncherished shrine, in an adored shroud, thin
Which lures the world, obscures that rhyme
Which bares that mime, beyond that skin

Skin-deep splendor, is the fad, these days
True soul, stands forsaken, as false façades win
In a city of charlatans, every look betrays
Modern rituals, fail to graze, beyond that skin

Where lost is man, since eons now?
That chase broke, will the, search begin?
Of the inner truths, that souls avow
And faiths endow, beyond that skin

Behold that danseur, at the pole, once more
She cradles, love and lust, within
Her love divine, her lust galore
Let the love sink in, beyond that skin

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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