The woman in you

The woman in you, that sparrow in nest
So gripped in bliss, of elegance sublime
Her holy roost, of the twigs, worthiest
Her heart echoes, an achy dulcet chime

The woman in you, a cow with udders two
Who’s barely bared, her soul in spans
Grazes past, the pastures of virtue
Rears the creed of a many manly clans

The woman in you, a butterfly so true
A vigor morphed, in a blessed cocoon
In the kiln of time, baked a perfect brew
Spent in blushes, myriad shades strewn

The woman in you, Aphrodite’s allure
Measure of love, passion’s shrine
Buried behind, that façade demure
The yarn of deceit, her wily design

The woman in you, a mean inferno
Dares, never spares, man ever
Redeems its rage, for it to grow
His lovelorn passion, forever

The woman in you, intrigues the awe
Scarcely contained, in canvas of man
Her mystique elusive, hard to draw
A quest called woman, since time began

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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