Those haunting eyes !!

vikas chandra

Smoldering ambers, from war’s furnace
Oceans of commotion, yet still with grace
Pierce thru a billion souls, with a million sighs
Of a state lost in holocaust, a baffling bold face
With probing queries to last, those haunting eyes !

Which creed is fear, which deed is hate?
Why men made, sin fiefs, to disseminate
A law of manly mayhem, that multiplies
Disbelief in posterity, past any estimate
Behold that verity vice, those haunting eyes !

Born to be mothered, by a land of war
Yellow-green hued, gazed the shades galore
Of deceit, prejudice, a blood-orgy in creed’s disguise
“Innocence! An opulence, in a sparring state” they swore
“It pays the price of dominance!” reprise, those haunting eyes !

Why man made war, a faith profound?
Alas, war made man mad, in savagery’s playground
“Beheld the beasts, with buckets-full of blood, to baptize
My land, her populace, and ethos that…

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