Those haunting eyes !!!!!!!!

Smoldering ambers, from war’s furnace
Oceans of commotion, yet, still with grace
Pierce thru a billion souls, with a million sighs
Of a state lost in holocaust, a baffling bold face
With probing queries to last, scrutinize, those haunting eyes !

Which creed is fear, which deed is hate?
Why men made, sin fiefs, to disseminate
A law of manly mayhem, that multiplies
Disbelief in posterity, past any estimate
Behold that verity vice, traumatize, those haunting eyes !

Born to be mothered, by a land of war
Yellow-green hued, gazed the shades galore
Of deceit, prejudice, a blood-orgy in creed’s disguise
“Innocence! An opulence, in a sparring state” they swore
“It pays the price of dominance!” reprise, those haunting eyes !

Why man made war, a faith profound?
Alas, war made man mad, in savagery’s playground
“Beheld the beasts, with buckets-full of blood, to baptize
My land, her populace, and ethos that they downed
To christen every face, “a savage!”” agonize, those haunting eyes !

Why woman is a mute martyr, of crusade?
For bearing warring men, mothers betrayed
“A revelry of widows, amidst a swarm of cries
Ravishing women, their masculine escapade!
War mementoes from men!” despise, those haunting eyes !

This land dies, a new death, everyday
Unendingly run, crimson streets, script a sordid essay
“My history lost its glory, my identity in shambles, lies
Once the land of plenty, alas, now a wasteland of decay
Hostage to war aplenty!” surmise, those haunting eyes !

“This ain’t just your or mine, but ours, this menace
Don’t wait and watch, world, save us the greater disgrace
For our hope is you, against all odds, our peace, your enterprise
May amity reign this land , tenets of coherence, we embrace
May we be posterity’s promise!” prophesize, those haunting eyes !

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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