It never died

When you had said, “O! My blush is due,
Spill till you, crimsons of thy heart”, dewey-eyed
Had found in pain, an epic man, a soul anew
Ages thence, that bloom began, it never died

When you had rustled, “O! I sink in you,
Abyss of my bliss”, had that lass not shied?
Who was once you, an angel’s virgin brew?
Past many an adieu, in my heart, still new, it never died

When we had dreamed, “O! Shall this child redeem,
The wonders love defined, in a world it glorified?”
Pure blessing of God, how could one blaspheme?
A dream that awed, against the tide, it never died

When you alleged, “O! Never had I pledged,
My heart to you”, how fell apart, a truth belied
How I failed to fathom, after all I dredged
Be it a lie to you, for me so true, it never died

When that love decries, “O! What became of me?
A widowed dream, neither a bridesmaid, nor a bride! “
In my heart, that waif, resolved “What will be will be”
Alas, it sighed, in a man evolved, it never died

What lingers of love, and her, in my soul?
Beauty of a yearning, to stow the twain, inside
Love, made like bread, not the one on dole
Be it unwed, preserved its pride, it never died

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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