Till the last Sikh burns: 1984 – State sponsored Sikh genocide

“Blood for blood!” gallons how many, to sate the revenge of an imposed bloodline?
Minions galore, they madly implore, “for every Sikh slain, a rioter earns”
Alas, Indira demolished, Rajiv idolized, another false god, toadies enshrine
To coddle the clan, discerns each yes-man, “Go on brethren! Till the last Sikh burns”

“When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”, alas, a head of state, Rajiv, brazenly bodes
Which duly decodes, “my godly clan, dare not hurt, if hurt, more pain it returns”
Congress henchmen, avengers of Gandhi clan, bolstered now, hit the Delhi roads
“Dynasty our redeemer, let’s celebrate, orgy of carnage, till the last Sikh burns”

Her Punjab escapade, grossly went wrong, Operation Blue Star, Indira’s swan song
Indian ethos outraged, Golden Temple blood-bathed, rendered an object of spurns
Indira slayed, martyred? Or a headstrong lady paid for a misadventure headlong
To the minions’ delight, a martyr forthright, passions ignite, till the last Sikh burns

Aah suddenly! Kerosene comes free, to strew the fire across, at Congress’s cost
Racism reshaped, mothers gang-raped, tots butchered like pigs, a nation’s soul churns
Is Rajiv deep asleep, as his murderers make a clean sweep, a no contest almost?
Crimsoned streets, charred flesh reeks, revenge speaks, and hate governs, till the last Sikh burns

Police knows well, impotence has its rule, in Rajiv’s blood orgy, it became a wiling tool
Felons freed for henchmen’s killing needs, but a Sikh when pleads the cop adjourns
Meticulous means, to mark homes “S”, through voters & ration lists and records of school
Congress-perfected pogrom, Rajiv’s tom-tom, played by turns, till the last Sikh burns

Six decades of decadence, thanks to Congress’s prevalence, its bootlicking to a clan imposed
On the nation, for sycophants’ gain, this dreadful collusion to remain, a miasma with profane downturns
How many more to kill to thrill, an inept dynasty, to the lust of power alas, so predisposed?
Not the last one though, many more to come, when dynasty yearns, to fill more urns, till the last Sikh burns

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


  • Sikh as a minority community had given a great contribution in India, one can never forget the jallianwala baug massacre. After assassination of Mrs. Gandhi this peace loving community was smashed and massacred by congress demons. This was not the first time they were targeted, history repeats after their tenth guru was brutally killed by Butcher Aurangzeb. I have a great respect for this community, as forgetting all their past they still contribute a lot for a developed India. Wahe Guru da khalsa, Wahe Guru di Fateh!

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