Till the last Sikh burns: 1984 – State sponsored Sikh genocide

vikas chandra

“Blood for blood!” gallons how many, to sate the revenge of an imposed bloodline?
Minions galore, they madly implore, “for every Sikh slain, a rioter earns”
Alas, Indira demolished, Rajiv idolized, another false god, toadies enshrine
To coddle the clan, discerns each yes-man, “Go on brethren! Till the last Sikh burns”

“When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”, alas, a head of state, Rajiv, brazenly bodes
Which duly decodes, “my godly clan, dare not hurt, if hurt, more pain it returns”
Congress henchmen, avengers of Gandhi clan, bolstered now, hit the Delhi roads
“Dynasty our redeemer, let’s celebrate, orgy of carnage, till the last Sikh burns”

Her Punjab escapade, grossly went wrong, Operation Blue Star, Indira’s swan song
Indian ethos outraged, Golden Temple blood-bathed, rendered an object of spurns
Indira slayed, martyred? Or a headstrong lady paid for a misadventure headlong
To the minions’ delight, a martyr forthright, passions…

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