In the heart of fear

In the cradle of mother’s bliss, man knows no fear of world, as a child
Though doomed to define the dread, this man, has the annals behind
To swear, how he embodies fear, alas, now fanatic that child, gone hog wild
While cultures submit to this orgy unkind, Satan has no axe to grind

In the killing war fields, jingoism reigns with terror, to endless dimensions
Gazing at death, a binding rite, gulping the dread to a vain sacrifice
Hate of creed, a farcical one, is it a self-doubt beyond comprehensions?
Yields a melee of horror that histories reprise, how people’s blood turns into ice

How a race is best amongst the rest, why it levies a price on a lesser clan?
In bills of fear, when it iterates, “You lesser litters of God!”, does God care?
Angst of being none, in the scheme of snobs, in the shadow of a hatchet man
Umpteen times to run, in fear, and lose and run, mad as a March hare

Blood brothers, hatred and dread, clones of Satan, evolved to last forever
While one presides orgies of pride, other resides in souls, to feed the former
Both innate traits of feeble minds, but time picks the winner of this endeavor
Betwixt man’s soul and Satan’s designs, a daunting trial of manhood’s daring armor

Since time began, it dwells in man, from dark ages, to the modern times
History swears how fear’s a force, harnessed which, can stir revolutions
How Gandhis, Luthers and Mandelas refined liberty’s paradigms
In the heart of fear, lies the colossal hope of mankind’s redemptions

In the heart of fear, lies the promise of a fearless posterity
In the heart of fear, lies the fortitude to build a cohesive clan
In the heart of fear, lies the spirit that creeds shall cohabit beyond disparity
In the heart of fear, lies the eternal glory of God’s marvel called man

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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