American Dream: A Black Sonnet

“Gold Rush” spent up, several ages ago, now bereaved of gold, America’s heart
That riot of colors still lingers on, to deaden the sublime chime of “Liberty Bell”
Which once heralded the birth of a dream, is now compelled to its death knell
Alas, “Old Glory” lost its solemn sheen with a jaundiced smear bloodsheds impart
In a Republic’s killing fields, colored skin is a sin, to upset a white man’s applecart
To whitewash America and blacken its ethos, an insane obduracy, histories will tell
How a white man’s burden, is a black man’s blood, his racist designs, a black man’s hell
“Bald eagle”, once the keeper, now scavenger, on cannibalistic spree, alas, shreds apart
“Mother Liberty’s” vow, to her cherished broods, of equal bounties in a promised land
Why they overplay, “The Star Spangled Banner”, a bit too loud, over a black man’s requiem
Yanks endeared to “Uncle Sam”, whose genes they believe, are the only ones to lead
White man’s motifs in a migrants’ land, no wonder, black man comes last, after an ampersand
A propaganda of sorts, to own their lives, stuck in black hides, forsaken by the great “American Dream”
Ordained to mourn, more mothers of the moor, alas, their breed will succumb, to a white man’s seed

© 20015 Vikas Chandra


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