Bobby! You are the man………..

vikas chandra

Bobby O Dear! You are the man, who can
Let’s thank the almighty God, you won’t be born again

“Bobby for President”! Amidst loots, hoots and toots
How you stand at all man, having hacked off your roots?

Bobby guv of Louisiana! What became of “Piyush” of your juvenescence?
A naïve Indian cherub, squandered to a pseudo American existence

Bobby “Indian” American! Don’t affirm that aloud
He disclaimed his desilineage, it doesn’t make him any proud

Bobby now ostensibly American! With American dream at ease
Annihilated every iota of Indianness, you are a self-inflicted tragic racial disease

Bobby aka “Uncle Sam”! State-of-the-art his greetings
“Namaste” is what? He only bows to top dogs, over his asinine bleatings

Alas Bobby hysterical! To wear a white skin
Don’t lament your desigenes, if dare you can, get a new peel, toss old one into the bin

Bobby né Piyush devout! Clasps…

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  • This is very well written and inspired piece, a pleasure to read although I feel both empathy and pity for this guy ( who I had not previously heard of.
    I fear however, Obama also sold out and betrayed his humanity for corporatocracy. Even if he did not openly betray his roots, betraying humanity for men of profit is despicable and cowardly no matter your background..

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    • Thanks Dear for the kind words. Appreciate your kind feedback. It is more of a satire on a person hell bent on disowning and despising his roots…… Take Care …. God Bless

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