Bobby! You are the man………..

Bobby O Dear! You are the man, who can
Let’s thank the almighty God, you won’t be born again

“Bobby for President”! Amidst loots, hoots and toots
How you stand at all man, having hacked off your roots?

Bobby guv of Louisiana! What became of “Piyush” of your juvenescence?
A naïve Indian cherub, squandered to a pseudo American existence

Bobby “Indian” American! Don’t affirm that aloud
He disclaimed his desi lineage, it doesn’t make him any proud

Bobby now ostensibly American! With American dream at ease
Annihilated every iota of Indianness, you are a self-inflicted tragic racial disease

Bobby aka “Uncle Sam”! State-of-the-art his greetings
“Namaste” is what? He only bows to top dogs, over his asinine bleatings

Alas Bobby hysterical! To wear a white skin
Don’t lament your desi genes, if dare you can, get a new peel, toss old one into the bin

Bobby né Piyush devout! Clasps the miracles of creed
He slyly trades it like merchandise, to pander to his need

Bobby genial, the next door guy! Preet Bharara his bosom chum
Both snobby proud evolved Americans, light years away from desi scum

Dear O Dear Bobby! You missed the whole point by a million miles
Lost the battle before it began, as you breached your own bastilles

If you recall Bobby! Obama won millions of hearts without disinheriting his roots
In a land of emigrants, unlike you, he never invented a phony self in a company of snoots

Pathetic Bobby! Can’t evade your shadow, yourself until and after you die
Replete incomplete, stuck between two existences, one decries you, the other you defy

Explain Bobby! How on earth will you be embraced without you embracing your soul?
Your quintessence your Indian self, the pedestal of your triumph, not the bogus one you extol

Rise and shine Bobby! Epitomize splendidly the real American dream
Keep your India in your heart, the radium of your spirit, for your victory to redeem

Desi (adjective) (colloquial): pertaining to India. Replaceable with the word “Indian”

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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