And God replied ……..

Through the prism of time, as life unwinds
Every toil but a means to an endless end
Every passage a forsaken tryst to contend
“O Lord, with a waning self to dreary grinds
Amidst revelry of yearnings, how a lost soul finds
That deep sense, sight and scheme to bend
Dictates of destiny, for a forlorn hope to ascend
And burgeon into glory, unfettered from thy testing binds?”
“My dear, thou born a spirit free, a soul in garden of Eden
Thy feats fruits of thy labor, so fluffs only of thy making
Thy fear of thyself, thy titanic might and glory
Legends swear how many times thou touched upon my heaven
But thy fear coerced thy swerving mind, my kingdom’s not for taking
Trust thyself, my child, the eternity in you and be the glorious story”

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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