An affair with thoughts

With time we learn that a restive mind
Begets a drove of soulful thoughts
With some banal while some destined
To end the runs of somber droughts

A willful soul on a barren land
Deluded by a swarm of streaks
Of a promised splendor of quicksand
With a drive to capture endless peaks

The whispers of unspoken words
And clamors of loud sentences
Both married like two blissful birds
Bond by earthy nuances

A dream that fled a sleepless night
A song that yearns in a loving heart
Like a million stars imposing bright
Endless thoughts how strewn apart

Have wondered like an awe-struck child
At the glory of the wordsmith divine
Who has myriad souls beguiled
With the mystique of his secrets fine

Boundless are the ways we see
How thoughts, beliefs take shapes in time
Mortal branches of a tree
For posterity leave fruits sublime

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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